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Botanical gardens gains promotional and networking benefits from RHS show

Discussing the benefits are of presenting at an RHS show, regardless of winning or not, Nigel Hopes horticultural senior supervisor, who heads up the management of the garden’s National Collection of Cyclamen said advertising, and “letting people know that we are in Birmingham and that we are an independent educational charity”. were key. 

He added: “It also allows the collection to be appreciated by people who attend these show.’’

Also from the gardening team Chris Howell commented: “Networking is key. We swapped numbers with a few other gardeners as we may consider swapping plants in the future. As well as this, reputation is another important point. As we have one of two National Cyclamen collections, we have a responsibility to show it off and exhibit them as much as we can. Not many people show Cyclamen, so many people rely on us for advice.”

The team also took along their trainee, Josh Tranter who said: “It was great that, as an apprentice, I could help the other gardeners on this project, and get the experience of a real RHS Show. Not every trainee gets this and I’m thrilled that, on top of that, we won gold.”

Birmingham Botanical Gardens win gold for their National Collection of Cyclamen, a first for the educational charity.

The team put the display together in around 6 weeks.  It normally takes a team around twelve months to get ready for an RHS show, but the Birmingham Botanical Gardens team had to get everything ready in six weeks as they only found out they had received RHS funding a few weeks before the show.

In this time, they had to plan the logistics of transporting the collection as well as design the display and source the materials they would need to build the display from scratch.

To actually create the design itself, the team laid tarpaulin on the floor and marked it up with props before taking photos. This helped them to not only plan out the display but also to transport everything and be able to reconstruct it in London.

The onsite team has been working on their Cyclamen collection since 2005. As of July 2016, they now own one of two National Cyclamen collections in the country.

The plants used for the award-winning display have now been returned to their homes in the nursery, but will appear in the Alpine house at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for visitors to see.

This post was written by: HortWeek