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Tear Aid Tape -Underwater Repair Kit – Type B – Patch

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Ultra high strength clear polyurethane polymer
Tear-Aid UNDERWATER is a revolutionary repair pack which allows you to repair any smooth surfaced PVC or vinyl surface to be repaired under water
Permanent repair – no welding/separate adhesives

Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days


Simplest wanted on one facet of restore

The percent incorporates:

1 – three” x 12″ strip of Tear-Help kind B
1 – Squeegee applicator
1 – Set of directions
2 – Alcohol wipes

The three” x 12″ strip of Tear-Help will also be minimize the usage of family scissors to any form or dimension.

Be aware: Tear-Help will also be carried out over itself very simply and subsequently awkward upkeep reminiscent of seams and joints will also be repaired briefly and just by making use of small items of Tear-Help and overlapping them to reach the type of the seam/joint.
Extremely prime power transparent polyurethane polymer
Tear-Help UNDERWATER is a modern restore percent which lets you restore any easy surfaced PVC or vinyl floor to be repaired beneath water
Everlasting restore – no welding/separate adhesives
Tear-Help is perfect to be used in freshwater, pool water, pondwater and seawater.
It’s UV resistant, extremely conformable and has very prime adhesion homes

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