Spazazz RX Spa & Bath Aromatherapy Crystals – Respiratory Therapy (562g)

Price: £14.83 (as of 2018-05-20, 1:52 AM)

Respiration remedy – soak in crystals. Loosen up, breath & soak. Fill up the frame with crucial nutrients and magnesium sulpahte. Alleviate nagging aliments at the same time as treating your self to soothing aromatherapy. Spa secure & oil loose. Simply upload to spa or bathtub. 1oz according to 100 gallons really helpful to evoke and uplift the senses.
Respiration remedy – soak in nutrients
Soak within the unique mix
Reduces Respiration illnesses
Reduces irritation
Reduces aches, pains, swelling & tension

Respiratory therapy - soak in vitamins
Soak in the special blend
Reduces respiratory ailments