Portable Folding Home Therapeutic Steam Sauna Room Full Body Fumigation

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Used and recommended by professional athletes such as jockeys, athletes and even the dietitians
230V, 50 Hz, power 1000 W, 2 liters volume
Steam pot with 2 liters and 1000 Watt with wireless remote Control

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Steam sauna Package dimensions: approx. 770 x 180 x 210 mm, approx. 6 kg Dimensions set: 740 x 870 x 1080 mm. Caution: Sauna is delivered with out a chair / stool. You are going to be happy to receive a folding stool appropriate for the sauna in our gives. The ground is watertight with a plug in order that the condensation water will also be drained or wiped at the finish. The fabric is one of those rubberized canvas. Steam generator with electronic Regulate for transportable steam saunas. 230V, 50 Hz, power 1000 W, 2 liters volume. The brand new generation of red steam generators is here. This steam generator has more warmth levels and springs with a realistic wireless remote Regulate. It heats up the water inside 10 mins. This lets you revel in a calming sauna revel in in a short while and at home. This steam generator is bigger and will produce more steam than its predecessors. The steam from the steam generator is 100 degrees Celsius, the subjective temperature is in a classic sauna, because the steam condenses. Here, the warmth is brought to the subcutaneous tissue. The fluid at the skin makes the steam seem subjectively cooler than with the radiant warmth of a hot air sauna that ‘handiest’ radiates the body. Benefit from the splendidly soothing, heat steam clouds. Ever since Roman times, steam baths have brought wellbeing, together with many templates, such as opening the pores, cleansing and refreshing the surface, or burning calories throughout the stimulated metabolism. Danger: The steam generator will have to never be operated empty. Regular decalcification is vital, the operation is handiest pressureless imaginable, the steam would possibly handiest be led downwards, so no congestion happens. We will be able to now not ensure for self-assembly solutions. Never duvet the case with a moist fabric. Dry the interior of the quilt after use with a dry fabric.
Used and advisable by skilled athletes such as jockeys, athletes or even the dietitians
230V, 50 Hz, power 1000 W, 2 liters volume
Steam pot with 2 liters and 1000 Watt with wireless remote Regulate
no chair included, ideal are stools, camping and garden chairs manufactured from plastic, you’ll order a foldable version in our different gives.
9 warmth levels are to be had, Timer: 1-nine min.

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