Massage Jets Spa Built-in sfioro Pool Wellness Mod Julia 250

£18,012.98 (as of 2018-02-22, 6:06 AM)


Integrated pool wellbeing Mod Julia 250 Spa Jacuzzi Scorching Bath water Julia 250 Capability: five folks seated: five Quantity: a thousand litres Julia 250 is the right product for smartly-being of medium-sized spaces, is in a position to accommodate as much as five folks, offering rest and luxury way to its hydro therapeutic massage jets and air. The easy and sublime USA lienea smartly suits in any more or less surroundings. Filtration pump 0.seventy five hp pezzi1, diameter 500, tub of reimbursement items 1, sand filter out pumps therapeutic massage 2 HP items 1, Blower blower 1.2 kW items stainless 1 set electrical heater three kw, 1, Lamp items 1,

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