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HG® Hygienic Whirlpool & Jacuzzi Bath Cleaner 1L

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HG Hygienic Whirlpool Cleaner will clean the whirlpool system hygienically and naturally.
Without causing danger to the internal system or the environment. Encrusted dirt and sources of smells will also be removed without a problem.
Regular use of HG hygienic whirlpool bath cleaner will extend the lifecycle of the whirlpool.

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Instructions to be used: For whirlpools with inside and semi-computerized cleansing programs: 1. Fill the interior cleansing gadget with HG Whirlpool Cleanser. 2. Observe the Instructions to be used of your whirlpool. For whirlpools With out inside cleansing programs: 1. Fill the whirlpool with heat water to 5cm above the very best openings of the water or air jets. 2. Pour 50-seventy five ml (1-1.5 cups) of HG Whirlpool Cleanser straight away into the bathtub. 3. Activate the entire programs for 15 mins. 4. Empty the bathtub and rinse with blank water. Repeating the remedy with blank water isn’t essential. To stop the building up of grime it’s essential to blank the whirlpool each 2-three weeks, relying on Utilization. Protection: 50-seventy five ml (1-1.5 cups) consistent with use. Consideration: If you want to dispose of the scent of HG Whirlpool Cleanser from the gadget, repeat the remedy with blank water. In case your whirlpool has no longer been wiped clean for a while, use 250ml (five cups), as soon as handiest.
HG Hygienic Whirlpool Cleanser will blank the whirlpool gadget hygienically and of course.
With out inflicting threat to the interior gadget or the surroundings. Encrusted grime and resources of smells can be got rid of and not using a drawback.
Common use of HG hygienic whirlpool bathtub Cleanser will lengthen the lifecycle of the whirlpool.
1 litre
Utilization: 50-seventy five ml (1-1.5 cups) consistent with use.

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