Green Square Pool Carra, LxHxB: 267X267X116 267 cm cm, 7 Pieces, 267 cm, 116 cm

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X Height x Width): 267 x 267 x 116 cm
Capacity: 7.6 m³
Made from Nordic spruce wood lounger

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Product Details
* External Color: Pine
* Sink Form: Rectangular
* Pool Subject matter: Nordic Spruce wood
* Skimmer Package deal: Yes
* Development choices: Inset Sink and stand Basin, Phase inset sink
* Contains conductors: Yes
* Conductor Subject matter: Wooden and stainless steel
* Max Ladder load Capability: a hundred and fifty kg
* Woven Ground Coverage: Yes
* External Subject matter: Wood
* Internal movie Subject matter: PVC
Width: 267 cm
Period: 267 cm
Top: 116 cm
Technical details
* Clear out Gadget: Sand Clear out System
* Pump energy: four m³/h
Numbers are measurements
* Capability: 7.6 m³
* Wall thickness: Period: 18 mm
* Thickness: 0.6 mm
* Empty Weight: 900 kg
* Merchandise Please notice that every one measurements are approximate details
* Producer’s Guaranty: 10 Yr (S) at the picket parts
Set Components
* 1 base protecting liner
* 1 x Skimmer Package
* 1 segment timber
* 1 x Stainless Metal Hochbecken Conductor
* 1 base Coverage tarpaulin
* 1 Sand Clear out System
* 1 x Pool
Product Identify: Carra
X Top x Width): 267 x 267 x 116 cm
Capability: 7.6 m³
Constructed from Nordic spruce Wooden lounger
Stand/Phase Toilet/recess, basin
With all kinds of equipment

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