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Clearwater Mini Multifunction Chlorine Tablets, 50 x 20g

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Includes 50 x 20g individually wrapped tablets
Slow release tablets contain chlorine, algaecide & clarifier
Suitable for pools under 15ft & hot tubs

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Clearwater 1 Kilogram Multifunction Mini Pills are a shockingly easy technique to care for transparent and hygienic sizzling bathtub water. The Multifunction Mini Pills deal with your spa water in quite a lot of tactics. In addition to containing chlorine, which kills micro organism and different micro organism, through disinfecting water, the Pills additionally include an algaecide resolution. Many sizzling bathtub house owners handiest use algaecide whilst algae has invaded their sizzling bathtub however water remedy Pills are an unbelievable technique to defeat algae prior to it has develop into visual to the attention. Any other good thing about the Clearwater Multifunction Mini Pills is they include a water clarifier. A few debris and debris that to find their approach into water, corresponding to lifeless pores and skin and algae, are too small to be trapped through the new tubs filter out device.
Comprises 50 x 20g personally wrapped Pills
Gradual liberate Pills include chlorine, algaecide & clarifier
Appropriate for swimming pools underneath 15ft & sizzling tubs
Appropriate to be used with Bestway Chemical Floater 5in
1 Kg

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