Muscari Armeniacum Blue Grape Hyacinth


Availability: Supplied from mid-late August until December
Bulb Size: 5/+
Colour: Blue



Muscari are bulbous perennials with linear or strap-formed leaves and small bell-formed, tubular or urn-formed plant life borne in a dense raceme on an erect leafless stem. Armeniacum is a robust-rising bulbous perennial to 20cm in Top, with slender, arching inexperienced leaves and erect stems bearing dense spikes of white-tipped, deep violet-blue, egg-formed plant life 5mm in period in spring.
Availability: Equipped from mid-past due August till December
Bulb Measurement: five/+
Color: Blue
Flowering Top: 15-20cm
Flowering Time: March/April

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