Outdoor Heaters & Fire Pits

Outdoor heating is must especially when are looking at entertaining on cold winter evenings or travelling around town.

The weather can be unpredictable so making sure all you have your heating and fire pits arranged are a great advantage. In fact you can add this to your landscaping plan and make an area just for fire pits! They can definitely help in enhancing your lawn.

Our products

Thinking of investing in a durable and a long lasting heater or fire pit, you can view our collection. Not to worry as we have the perfect solution for you! Our online store provides you with a range of heaters and fire pits. Be it winter or summer, the equipment should be able to handle the environmental changes

As it is ordered online we also make sure the deliveries are made in time.

Our products include

  • We have free standing electric or gas heaters, patio heaters, wall mounted heaters

  • You can try our multifunction fire pit which includes a BBQ, ice tray and waterproof cover

  • We also have cast iron fire pit burners or BBQ burners

  • Chiminea are also available in different varieties

  • Light burning fire logs and wood log burners can also look natural and be a great addition to your lawn

  • Or see our range of burner baskets

  • For any outdoor heating accessories you can purchase from us

Some of these are portable and come with covers. This can allow you to carry them around as and when needed.

All our products are manufactured by some well-known brands. The heaters and fire pits come with instructional manuals and installation guidelines. To receive your deliveries on time, ensure you have placed your orders when required. We do not like our customers to wait!

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Showing all 12 results