Garden Furniture & Accessories

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Your garden needs furniture as well and deserves a make just like your home!

Won’t it be a bargain if you get the lawn of your dreams and won’t need to pay a hefty price? We all want our homes and gardens to look attractive. Our online store is here to provide you with all your garden furniture requirements.

Garden Furniture

We always ensure great quality and service to our customers. All the furniture is manufactured by some well known names in the websites.

Our website allows you to view a whole range of our garden furniture options. Be it stone slabs or rattan recliners, you name it and we have it for you! You might be into some unique classical pieces of furniture or more of a contemporary look. Our store will provide you with all you need.

  • They say a garden bench or a garden seat is a must for garden landscaping. We have plenty of furniture sets to choose from rattan furniture, wood, metal or plastic sofas. Our furniture sets include table and chair sets of two, four or six seating.

  • Depending on your requirements, you can choose what suits your space and preference. You can look at some benches and chairs as well. For example, you can pick our Wimbledon teak banana bench or our eucalyptus hardwood with brass fittings bench. Some benches even include cushions and storage options.

  • Investing in gazebos, parasols etc are great options as well.

  • You can even chose on some unique items such as a wagon wheel or an ice cooler in rattan.

  • There is also some LED solar lighting available to light up your lawn.

We have some good deals around the year and offer competitive prices. So go ahead and order online for timely delivery. We even offer discount and some great deals on our website.

Pools, Hot Tubs & Supplies

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Outdoor living has reached another level nowadays! Who doesn’t enjoy a pool or hot tub in their back yard?

Gone are the days when these items were considered just a luxury. These days you can find this kind of display in almost every household. Our products Our online store allows you to buy pools, hot tubs and other products with ease. We offer some great bargains and discounts on our website from time to time
  • You can invest in some state of the art inflatable Jacuzzi’s. We have various Jacuzzi’s in different shapes and sizes. For example, you can choose one from 2-4 or 6-8 people or any color preference
  • We offer a range of inflatable swimming pools, pool ladders and pool covers. You can look at our solar pool cover or the safety pool ladder. We even have kid inflatable pools such as animated floats or pools
  • Spas such as inflatable spa, bubble spa etc are also great options to invest in
  • Other items such as garden shower or shower items, mineral salts, head rests or drink and cup holders, clarifiers or foam water spray gum etc are all available. Chlorine tablets, thermometers, sauna sets and kits are some other options to look at if interested
  • You can buy all repair kits or LED floating lights as well
We want to make sure our customers are able to purchase our products without thinking twice. So, we always aim to excel in our customer service and quality standards. All our products come with instructional and installation manuals for easy assembly. We assure you each time with great quality and service. Since our products are made by well-known manufacturers, you can be sure of its quality and durability. So, feel free to browse around this category so suit your needs!

Garden Storage & Housing

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Decorating and enhancing your lawn is one thing but when it comes to storage people often feel more is less! I am sure we have all faced the dilemma of not having enough storage at home but what about your lawn.

Nowadays, with so many choices in outdoor furniture and storage it is almost impossible to decide what is best for you. At the end of day, you want storage that looks good, is durable for your garden and enhances the overall look. You can make these additions to your garden at anytime.

Our online store enables you to have a look at a range of options and with quality assurance you are sure to receive great products. We have sheds, storage benches, containers and summerhouses on display in our garden storage and housing category.

  • We have garden storage sheds which are great storage option and appealing to the eye as well

  • You can also pick up what is known as storage bins such as our rowlinson or selections wheelie bin storage

  • Storage benches also come in handy when it comes to garden storage. They come in various shapes, sizes and colors and a bench can be a great addition to your lawn. In fact they say a bench can be a centre piece of attraction

  • Cupboards and cabinets can also be displayed in your garden and the different colors and textures can certainly add to the beauty of your lawn. These are not regular cupboards but something that stands out and can last the outdoors

  • Summer houses wooden or plastic, we have a selection you can choose from

It is a great investment for your lawn and we can ensure you get great service and quality products with us. As it is online, you need to keep in mind our fast delivery times.

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Mowers & Outdoor Power Tools

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If you are looking for great bargains and discounts on mowers and outdoor power tools look no further than our online store!

We have a great range of products and equipment available for your mowing and your outdoor maintenance needs. Maintaining a lawn seems like a tedious task but we want to make it easier for you.

Our products

We always aim to make sure you have the best quality in our products and services to enable you to mow your lawn with comfort and ease. If you are passionate about your garden and you need the right kind of products to invest in you can view our store online for options.

Our products include:

  • Chainsaws – we have a range of chainsaws and their tool kits available for you to purchase. You can even find chain oils, pre-mixes, and safety helmets
  • Pressure washers – Be it high pressure, air cooled, full control or compact pressure washers we have a wide variety. You can even get your hands on outdoor pumps

  • Strimmers- We have cordless and corded strimmers for you to choose from

  • We also have outdoor tools such as hedge cutters, leaf blowers or vaccums, generators, wood cutters, steam cleaners, paint sprayer, de- branchers, metal detectors , grass and edges trimmers

  • Our lawn mowers are electric, lithium or petrol based and reliable

All the products are manufactured by well known brands and are reliable. All come with instruction manuals so if you are a beginner you do not need to worry. You will be explained how to maintain all your equipment as well.

You can view our website for online discounts and sales as we good have some great bargains for you. Once you have browsed our online store, you can view all our products and order ones that suit your needs. And we will ensure you receive these in time.


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Gardening is gaining popularity with so much variety and ideas. Be it ornaments, décor, furniture etc outdoor living and lifestyle has become the next big thing in retail.

A well maintained garden requires patience and practice. We understand our customers are always looking for new additions in their garden area. We aim to provide you with easy tools and accessories to help make the garden of your dreams.

In addition to we ensure you receive the best quality and service

We offer you a range of products on our online store. Our products include gardening tools and plants:

  • We have gardening tool kits and bags for you to purchase or you can even invest in individual tools

  • Water hose pipes which are durable and long lasting or hose boxes are also available

  • Gutter cleaners and cleaning nozzles are also available online

  • We have planting starter kits or you can buy seeds that you can grow on your own. We have a lot of variety in our nursery online. Such as Freesia bulbs in mixed colors or anemone blanda bulbs, oxalis triangularies, narcissus “tete-a-tete” or lily sets. Some of these flowers and plants are in pots and ready for your garden.

  • You can also buy our onion set seeds or our lemon tree

All are products come with instructional manuals and easy to follow. We want to make sure we make your gardening experience as fruitful and comfortable as possible.

We offer some great bargains and discounts and you can select from our best sellers. Isn’t amazing when you have all your gardening needs under one roof? Yes, with our online shop it is possible! Our online store allows you to browse and look for options that would look perfect in your lawn. So, go ahead and have a look!

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